Insight Of Salt Room Therapy

A salt room is mainly constructed for carrying out salt therapy. The room is completely sealed and its walls, floor, and ceiling are covered with thick layers of salt. The temperature and humidity of the room are then controlled so as to create an environment that is free from impurities, allergens, and microbes.

Salt therapy is a natural and drug-free treatment for various health conditions. It is performed in salt rooms with the help of professionals. Many spas like a spa in Long Island provide the facility of salt therapy. The spas providing salt therapy have special machines which will disperse very fine particles of special salt into the air.

How Salt Therapy Works?

The salt particles that are found in the air of the salt room are often negatively ionized. When you slowly inhale these particles they go through the respiratory system, killing bacteria and other contaminants on the way. The particles are so tiny that they get easily absorbed into the deepest parts of your lungs.

When these salt particles come into contact with the contaminants, it forms an ionic bond which is carried into the mucus and later eliminated from the body.

Salt used for therapy

Many spas like salt room in Long Island make use Himalayan salt for therapy. Himalayan salt is special and unique because it is pure and it does not contain any pollutants and toxins, which are found in normal sea salt.  

It contains many natural elements and minerals which are already present in your body. Himalayan salt also helps in various skin conditions and respiratory system complications. It also boosts your immune system.

The most common condition is treated by salt therapy is asthma. It also helps in treating other respiratory related conditions that include bronchitis, sinusitis, and various respiratory Allergies. Other conditions include ear infection, cystic fibroid, and tonsillitis.

benefits of breathing Himalayan salt include

  1. Helps to increase the absorption of food particles in the intestines.
  2. Helps to control the water levels of the body.
  3. Reduces the signs of aging.
  4. Balances the sugar levels in the body.
  5. Keeps the bones healthy.
  6. Decreases the chance of getting gallbladder and kidney stones.

Who Goes For Salt therapy?

Salt Therapy does not have any age limits, therefore both young and old can experience the benefit of this wonderful healing process. You can visit this link to know how you can enjoy your session comfortably as most salt caves have rooms for the various age groups and sexes.