Major Types Of Eating Disorders

Eating is important for a living but life isn’t about eating only. Eating has great influence on a person’s character as well health. However, eating disorder can unbalance the diet of a person; sometimes it’s over and sometimes the person avoids eating.

Eating disorder denotes the overlapping condition in eating which could be treated as individual’s unusual behavior towards daily eating habit with several kinds of conventional psychopathology. However, this condition can be treated by taking eating disorder treatment.

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It can be of many types as mentioned below:

Anorexia nervosa:

Anorexia nervosa can be ascertained if one is conscious about the weight loss; this consciousness is very dangerous for the health. This sort of eating disorder is very commonly observed in today’s society.

The stylish and fashionable world has made it essential for one to have a stable body image. People are very conscious of their looks and hence want to get a fantastic body image. This can create a bad effect on the individual’s health and can also lead to death.

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Bulimia nervosa:

Bulimia nervosa refers to the overeating disorder, or it can also be referred to as eating under the lead of shame, guilt, humiliation, and failure. The bulimics try to get control over them. In this particular eating disorder, the person wants to eat more and more to overcome the feeling of failure.

This scenario can also prove to be harmful to the health of an individual; the overeating could make the person extremely fatty. Obesity can give rise to numerous health issues, which will ultimately ruin the entire body system.

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Selective eating disorder:

A selective eating disorder is also known as selective food eating disorder. In today’s society, most of the children are suffering from this type of disorder. A person suffering from this disorder likes to eat the food which they like the most while avoiding the ones they hate.