Why Drug Testing Is Getting Important In Workplaces?

The ratio of drug abuse in employees is increasing day by day. As a result of this, employers are very much concerned during the hiring process. According to certain reports, 65 percent of drug abusers are been employed. So, it is important to verify and eliminate drug abusing job applicants in order to create a safe and drug-free workplace. You can buy drug test kit online to perform drug testing.

The common way that is used by employers to identify drug abusing employees is drug testing at the workplace. With employee drug testing, there can be a reduction in tardiness, absenteeism, attitude problems, theft, decreased productivity, crime and violence.

Drug testing is the best way to deter employees from engaging in drug abuse. The drug testing is performed on employees in a specific situation like:


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Pre-employment drug tests

This kind of drug testing is performed on job applicants in order to make sure that there are no drug abusers applying for the job.   

Post-accident drug tests

In case of serious accidents or incidents on the job, this kind of drug testing is performed to ensure that substance abuse was not a contributing factor.

Random drug tests

In random drug testing, employees are randomly tested for drug abuse. Here, one or two employees are randomly tested for drug abuse.

Reasonable suspicion tests

Reasonable suspicion test is conducted in case the employee is observed for drug use.


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Treatment follow-up drug tests

This drug test is conducted in the employees who have just returned from a drug rehabilitation program.

If you check online you will also find urine drug screen test cups. The drug testing kit can accurately detect drug abusers through the sample of urine, saliva, blood, hair etc.

You can test for single or multiple drugs at the same time with drug testing kit. Most of the employers use the multi-panel kit in order to detect different drugs using a single sample.