How Stem Cell Therapy Is The Best Treatment For Osteoarthritis?

Nowadays joint injuries are quite common. Even age is one of the factors which makes the joint weak. Osteoarthritis is quite common nowadays. It can affect any joint in the body. Mostly in occur in the knee joint and lower back.

Osteoarthritis happens when cartilage gets broken. Cartilage is a material which covers the joints of the body and also helps in the smooth movements. When this cartilage gets broken it causes pain and inflammation in the joints. Have you heard about stem cell therapy? Stem cell therapy is the latest noninvasive treatment for osteoarthritis. You can visit this website –  for more information about this stem cell therapy.

medicastemcells - protein rich plasma therapy for knee pain

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What are stem cells?

Are you aware of the term stem cells? You might don’t know about it. A stem cell is present in our body which is rich in protein and contains tissues which have the ability to heal the damaged tissues.

How stem cells are taken?

You might be wondering how stem cells are taken from the patient’s body? Stem cells are taken from the protein-rich areas like bone marrow. After this, a procedure is followed to obtain the protein-rich plasma.

This protein-rich plasma is helpful in osteoarthritis pain relief. Cells taken from the patient’s body are spun to collect the concentrated plasma. Cells are spun at high speed so that concentrated plasma get separated. After this protein-rich plasma is injected in the affected area.

medicastemcells - stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis

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This procedure is obviously less painful as compared to the traditional way of treating osteoarthritis. There are several benefits of stem cell therapy which are as follows:

  • Stem cell therapy is less invasive as compared to surgeries. Not only osteoarthritis there are other issues that can be treated well with this therapy.
  • This process needs less healing time as compared to other treatments. You will not suffer from any inconvenience post-treatment.
medicastemcells - stem cell therapy for knee pain

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You can discover more here about stem cell therapy. If you want stem cell treatment then you need to look for professionals for this treatment.